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About Us

Indian Moms-NGO

Indian Moms is an NGO in India directly benefitting over 500,00 children and their families, through more than 100 projects on education, Healthcare, Hunger and women empowerment, Stop violence, Hidden Talent, Urgent Help, Moms Talk, in over 100 remote villages and slums across 80 Cities of India.

Today, 8 million children in India are out of school – surrounded by poverty, illness and despair; they are fighting a daily battle for their survival. 195.9 million people are undernourished in India,Violence Rate High, we can help a child and bring hope in their lives. Together, we can bring change and make it last. Indian Moms partners with NGOs to develop and test innovative solutions and with governments to create and scale sustainable impact.


To enable people to take responsibility for the situation of the deprived Indian child and so motivate them to seek resolution through individual and collective action thereby enabling children to realise their full potential To make people discover their potential for action and change To enable peoples’ collectives and movements encompassing diverse segments, to pledge their particular strengths, working in partnership to secure, protect and honour the rights of India’s children..


Our vision is what guides every aspect of our work by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth. Indian Moms NGO vision is to Contribute to building an India where all people can gain access to affordable education, health care and livelihood opportunities, and where all Indians can realize their full potential.


Our Core Values Commitment is the foundation of all that we do, Indian Moms upholds the following core values: Transformation. Integrity. Diversity. Excellence. Equality.